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Over the past years of the continent’s debt crisis, Germany liked to present itself as a haven of integrity in Europe. Other nations were shocked and sometimes embarrassed by the...
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Keeping public expenditure on a tight leash is a challenge at the best of times. But maintaining fiscal discipline and avoiding exuberant and foolish spending – particularly during economic booms...
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A spending spree after an unexpected Christmas bonus is something we can all understand. Maybe it isn’t the best way of planning your finances, but it isn’t going to really...
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It was always going to be a bittersweet victory: whoever won the Labour leadership battle would immediately be thrust into the war of winning back voters. And boy has Andrew...
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There are many emotions that Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler is likely to provoke, depending on the state of your bank account, but sympathy for this modern Beowulf is hardly...
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Latest publication

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The School Leadership Effect outlines school leader dispositions, strategies, styles and practices that influence student achievement, and illustrates the huge demands placed on principals both as pedagogical leaders and chief executives of their schools. The report sets the stage for a second in this series, which will show how New Zealand can have quality school principals in every school, of critical important in New Zealand’s self-managing schools model where the influence of principals is particularly pronounced.

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No School is an Island: Fostering Collaboration in a Competitive System is the story of ‘Learning and Change Networks’ (LCN), a model of school collaboration that the government’s ‘Investing in Educational Success’ (IES) policy must learn from. The Initiative profiles the key features of LCN that enable schools to work together, and provides thinking on how to improve the IES policy to ensure the investment is worthwhile.








  The new merged organisation is the New Zealand Initiative, an independent public policy think tank supported by chief executives of major New Zealand businesses.  Our mission is to help build a better, stronger New Zealand. We are taking the initiative to promote a prosperous, free and fair society with a competitive, open and dynamic economy.     Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cons ectetuer adipiscing elit, diam nonummy nibh lorem dolor magna amet.