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Fall of the Wall: The 25th Anniversary
On Monday, 10 November 2014, Murray Jack, Dr Oliver Hartwich, HE Zbigniew Gniatkowski, Dr Jason Young's speaks on the historic events of 1989 and explore whether the lessons of the past apply to today’s challenges in Europe and Asia.

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Opinion and commentary

Last week’s column on the very real possibility of a radical government for Greece (Greece’s presidential gamble could trigger the next eurozone crisis, December 10) provoked a thoughtful response by...
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Despite moderately positive growth and deficit data from Athens, the Greek crisis is far from over. If Prime Minister Samaras’ gamble of bringing forward the country’s presidential election fails, it...
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When you publish a report with the title Poverty of Wealth: Why minerals need to be part of the rural economy, it is best to prepare yourself for some strong...
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Only until a couple of years ago, it would have been unthinkable to suggest that New Zealand could hold some policy lessons for Australia, let alone that it could be...
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For anyone who has used Uber, knows someone who has used it, or is aware it exists, the crowd consensus seems to be that it is pretty great. Uber, which...
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Latest publication

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Poverty of Wealth explores why New Zealand’s rural communities, caught in a cycle of economic decline, have not made greater use of mining to reverse this trend. The report found that the country has significant mineral potential and sufficient institutional strength to offset the negative effects from mining, but the overly complex regulatory landscape and a lack of economic incentives at a local level remain barriers to development.

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Guarding the Public Purse looks at the fiscal policy challenges facing New Zealand. It reviews Treasury's 2013 fiscal projections to 2060 and its policy options for responding to the pressures arising from New Zealand's ageing population. The report analyses ways in which public finances can be made more sustainable through greater productivity growth, competition and stronger fiscal rules and institutions. In particular, it recommends establishing an independent fiscal council.








  The new merged organisation is the New Zealand Initiative, an independent public policy think tank supported by chief executives of major New Zealand businesses.  Our mission is to help build a better, stronger New Zealand. We are taking the initiative to promote a prosperous, free and fair society with a competitive, open and dynamic economy.     Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cons ectetuer adipiscing elit, diam nonummy nibh lorem dolor magna amet.