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Natanael Rother

Research Fellow

Natanael Rother is a Research Fellow specialising in localism. He hails from Switzerland and has previously worked at think tank Avenir Suisse, the European Policy Centre, a major Swiss bank, and the cantonal administrations of Lucerne and Zug. Natanael holds a Master’s degree in Political Economics from the University of Lucerne. In 2018, Natanael joined the Initiative for six weeks. He has returned to the Initiative for four months and will be researching New Zealand’s night-time economy and vocational education. 

Recent Work


The wisdom of cows

Especially since the Brexit vote, policymakers aiming for political stability might be reluctant to ask citizens about their opinion. They should not feel that way. As with sports, practice makes perfect when it comes to voting. The Swiss lead by example. They vote on everything, even the silly stuff. In November last year, for example, the Swiss voted on cows and their horns. Allegedly, owning a full set of horns is about bestowing dignity to the cows. Read more

Natanael Rother
Insights Newsletter
17 May, 2019

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