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The New Zealand Initiative holds events throughout the year to promote, debate, disseminate ideas, and connect with our supporters. Our events include public forums, conferences, and debates. We also organise outreach activities with secondary schools, universities, and young professionals.

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Upcoming events


Debates WGTN 11Aug2015 100pxThe Next Generation Debates Semi-final in Wellington

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 | 5:30 pm | Register for Wellington
Mac's Function Centre, Te Aro room, 4 Taranaki Street

"This house would legalise euthanasia"
Panellists: Maryan Street (former Labour MP) and Dr Stephen Child of NZMA


Debates AKLD 12Aug2015 100pxThe Next Generation Debates Semi-final in Auckland

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 | 5:45 pm | Register for Auckland
The University of Auckland Business School, 12 Grafton Road, Owen G Glenn Building,
Level 0 Foyer 071

Moot: "This house believes that economic growth always comes at the expense of people and the environment"
Panellists: Sir Roger Douglas and Sue Bradford


Previous events


Chris Berg 29 30 Jun 2015 FinalChris Berg speaks on Liberty, Equality & Democracy

Monday, 29 June 2015 | 5:30 pm | Wellington
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 | 5:30 pm | Auckland

Chris Berg, one of Australia’s most outspoken thinkers and columnists, shares our frustration with the state of democracy.
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Numeracy 4 Jun 2015 Final 100pxMinister of Education launches Initiative Report

Thursday, 4 June 2015 | 5:45 pm | Te Wharewaka Function Centre, 15 Jervois Quay, Wellington Waterfront

Initiative Research Fellow Rose Patterson asks: Do New Zealand schools have the balance right between traditional and modern maths teaching methods? Are children in the top-performing East Asian countries topping the charts because they simply rote-learn for tests? And are our primary school teachers confident enough in maths themselves to teach the new methods?

GaryBorn 8May2015 wtgn final 100pxGary Born: Bilateral Arbitration Treaty Regime

Friday, 8 May 2015 | 12:15pm | Victoria University Law Faculty, Salmond Room, GB219, Level Two | Old Government Buildings | 55 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Gary Born is widely regarded as the world’s pre-eminent authority on international commercial arbitration and international litigation. This is aimed at addressing the adverse consequences that businesses might be facing when they have not agreed on a way to resolve disputes or, when they do, the agreed dispute resolution clause is invalid or wide open to interpretation. The international litigation system, which is then applicable by default is all too often time-consuming, expensive and inefficient.


The Case for Growth 500px-884-62The Case for Economic Growth

Thursday, 16 April 2015 | From 5.30 pm | Mac's Function Centre, Wellington

Three Members of Parliament will be discussing The New Zealand Initiative’s latest publication on economic growth. Join Chris Bishop, National MP; David Clark, Labour MP; and James Shaw, Green MP.
for a thought-provoking event.
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Resources event 23Mar2015 200px-785Publication release: From Red Tape to Green Gold

Monday, 23 March 2015 | 5.45 pm | The New Zealand Initiative , Wellington
Jason Krupp, Research Fellow of The New Zealand Initiative launches his second report From Red Tape to Green Gold which outlines the policy changes needed to boost mining output and bolster environmental protections.
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Alan Bollard event 19mar2015 200pxAlan Bollard: NZ Economy In A Changing Asia-Pacific

Thursday, 19 March 2015 | 5.45 pm | EY, Majestic Centre, 100 Willis St, Wellington

The papers are full of quantitative easing and exchange rate volatility. But there are much bigger changes underway in the Asia-Pacific economies. Will New Zealand’s role as milkmaid to the region see us through? What does East Asia have in mind for us? There are some serious challenges ahead.

Dr Alan Bollard is the Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat headquartered in Singapore, and has spent the last two years getting on and off planes all around the region. He will give his perspectives of the region and what it might mean.
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Initiative at Home BW KA 2014 200px-757Publication release: Guarding the public purse: Faster growth, greater fiscal discipline
Dr Bryce Wilkinson and Khyaati Acharya

24 November 2014 | 5.45 pm | The New Zealand Initiative

Guarding the public purse analyses ways in which New Zealand can make its public finances more sustainable. This includes putting more emphasis on productivity growth, promoting competition and strengthening New Zealand’s fiscal rules and institutions.


Fall of the Wall 2014 final 150pxFall of the Wall: The 25th Anniversary

10 November 2014 | Wellington | Deloitte
On 9 November 1989, world history was made. The fall of the Berlin Wall ended decades of German division, it brought the Cold War to an end, and it even triggered US political scientist Francis Fukuyama to proclaim "the end of history".
A quarter century on, history has long restarted. The Berlin Wall may be long gone but we are living in an era of geopolitics that looks no less fragile and dangerous than those Cold War days.
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Initiative at Home EC 2014 150pxInitiative at Home with Dr Eric Crampton, "Non-ductile regulations and embedded fragility"

14 October 2014 | Wellington | The New Zealand Initiative
Dr Eric Crampton recently joined the New Zealand Initiative as Head of Research after more than a decade with the Economics Department at the University of Canterbury. He will describe the regulatory and policy failures that exacerbated the costs of the Canterbury earthquakes and outline a research plan to help ensure that, when Wellington is on the receiving end of a natural disaster, our policy settings do not make things even worse.
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Grand Final Debates 150pxNext Generation Debates - Grand Final

20 August 2014 |  Wellington | City Gallery
The Next Generation Debates is a national university debating tournament designed to encourage young people to think and talk about some of the important public policy issues facing New Zealand. The series is sponsored by the Friedlander Foundation. The grand-final topic in Wellington was War commemorations of past wars are nationalistic exercises in war glorification. University of Auckland vs University of Canterbury
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Semi Final debate13 Aug 150pxNext Generation Debates - Semi-final

13 August 2014 | Wellington | Mac's Function Centre
The Next Generation Debates is a national university debating tournament designed to encourage young people to think and talk about some of the important public policy issues facing New Zealand. The series is sponsored by the Friedlander Foundation. The semi-final topic in Wellington was Should New tie MPs and Ministers’ salaries to a multiple of the national income. Victoria University of Wellington vs University of Canterbury
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Semi Final Debates12 Aug 150pxNext Generation Debates - Semi-final

12 August 2014 | Auckland | EY
The Next Generation Debates is a national university debating tournament designed to encourage young people to think and talk about some of the important public policy issues facing New Zealand. The series is sponsored by the Friedlander Foundation. The semi-final topic in Auckland was Progressive tax rates are unfair. University of Auckland vs University of Otago
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Alain Bertaud 150pxAlain Bertaud, former World Bank Principal Urban Planner
"Mobility and Affordability: cities seen as labor markets"

28-31 July 2014 | Auckland | Christchurch | Wellington
New York University senior scholar Alain Bertaud, himself a former principal urban planner at the World Bank, argues that it is time for planners to think again. They need to abandon abstract objectives and focus their efforts on just two measurable outcomes: citizens’ mobility and housing affordability.
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Tim Wilson 150pxTim Wilson, Australia's Human Rights Commissioner
"Freedom, the fundamental human right"

30 June - 1 July | Auckland | Wellington
The New Zealand Initiative will be hosted Australia’s new Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson. He has triggered a debate across the Tasman on what human rights should be, and he strongly advocates a return to a much narrower definition with the focus on freedom of association, religion, expression and property.

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