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Fall of the Wall: The 25th Anniversary
On Monday, 10 November 2014, Murray Jack, Dr Oliver Hartwich, HE Zbigniew Gniatkowski, Dr Jason Young's spoke on the historic events of 1989 and explore whether the lessons of the past apply to today’s challenges in Europe and Asia.

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Opinion and commentary

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) has hired Crown research institute NIWA to draw up coastal hazard lines. Yet the 2012 hazard line guidance co-authored by NIWA staff fails...
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When Harvard economist Ed Glaeser delivered a public lecture on urban economics in Christchurch in 2013, hosted by Canterbury’s Department of Economics and Finance, he was asked whether Christchurch would...
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It was more than a little bizarre when news broke on early Saturday morning that Greece and the eurozone had reached an agreement in their dispute over the country’s debt...
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Our latest Insights (weekly newsletter)

As widely reported this week, Auckland Council’s economic development arm has created a posting for one of its senior executives in London. Costing ratepayers a total of $230,000 over the...
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All too often, China cops an unfair amount of criticism when it comes to foreign investment in New Zealand. Rationally, this is quite bizarre, not least because our existing regulatory...
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It is probably a sign of my generation that I struggle to fathom how researchers and experts spread their ideas before the internet. I suppose people read books, attended public...
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Latest publication

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Dr Oliver Hartwich writes for the R.G. Menzies Essay series which is a forum for enlightened public debate commissioned by the Menzies Research Centre.

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On 12 December 2014, the Initiative released the compilation of pieces in a short pamphlet, The ABC of Economic Literacy. In a series of articles earlier this year, we introduced Insights readers to some basic ideas from the wonderful world of economics.

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Poverty of Wealth explores why New Zealand’s rural communities, caught in a cycle of economic decline, have not made greater use of mining to reverse this trend. The report found that the country has significant mineral potential and sufficient institutional strength to offset the negative effects from mining, but the overly complex regulatory landscape and a lack of economic incentives at a local level remain barriers to development.









  The new merged organisation is the New Zealand Initiative, an independent public policy think tank supported by chief executives of major New Zealand businesses.  Our mission is to help build a better, stronger New Zealand. We are taking the initiative to promote a prosperous, free and fair society with a competitive, open and dynamic economy.     Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cons ectetuer adipiscing elit, diam nonummy nibh lorem dolor magna amet.