Media release: Evidence of huge government waste

Wellington (18 September 2018): “Government is achieving poor outcomes for New Zealanders relative to the resources it is using.” That is the key message in the report Fit for Purpose? Are Kiwis getting the government they pay for?, released today by The New Zealand Initiative. “The smoking gun is the systemic lack of focus on value for money – that is productivity,” said Dr Bryce Wilkinson, author of the report and Senior Fellow at The New Zealand Initiative. Read more

Media release
18 September, 2018
Budget day

"Government spending going to waste"

Bryce Wilkinson finds in his new report Fit for Purpose? Are Kiwis getting the government they pay for? one in three dollars the Government spends is not resulting in any measurable outcome.Bryce tells Mike Hosking education funding often gets spent in what it says are the wrong places."To have all of those years of schooling and have such inadequate progress, the question has to be asked what more can be done, or how can it be done better." Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Newstalk ZB - Mike Hosking Breakfast
18 September, 2018

Uncertainty over sugar tax report details

A sugar tax would generate millions in revenue and save lives, the Prime Minister has been told.The briefing from the Ministry of Health's chief science advisor Dr John Potter was given at Jacinda Ardern's request.Eric Crampton tells Mike Hosking there a few important details missing in the report."It's hard to tell to tell how much of this is new work and how much of it was from prior studies." Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Newstalk ZB - Mike Hosking Breakfast
13 September, 2018
NZ Switzerland

Have your say: What is good public policy in New Zealand?

Once Natanael Rother, our visiting Research Fellow from think-tank Avenir Suisse, returns home to Switzerland, he will be writing a short publication about his time in New Zealand and what he thinks Switzerland can learn from us.His goal is to find as many examples as possible of good policy that has been implemented in New Zealand. Some of the things Natanael likes, from an economist point of view, is the basic direction of our agriculture policy, and social investment.So, he... Read more

7 September, 2018
job ad 01

Vacancy: Research Fellow

The New Zealand Initiative, New Zealand’s leading public policy think tank, is seeking an economist to join our research team. This position will suit a person with a strong interest in promoting market-based solutions for public policy. The full-time position is based in Wellington. Read more

23 August, 2018
Auckland highway

Auckland fuel tax: what will improve?

Auckland's regional fuel tax has been in place since the beginning of the month. The extra funds raised are intended to help fund transport projects around the region over the coming decade. But what about the citywide discrepancies in who gets what? Bike Auckland's Barbara Cuthbert, Auckland's Manukau councillor Efeso Collins and the Initiative's Sam Warburton, discuss the issues. Read more

Sam Warburton
Radio New Zealand
22 July, 2018
New Zealand flag

Media Release: Bringing government back to the people

Wellington (15 July 2018): Instead of relying on central government to decide what is good for our communities it is time to empower councils and communities themselves to make such decisions, Local Government New Zealand and The New Zealand Initiative say.LGNZ and the Initiative have today presented their Localism project. Together, they call for devolution and decentralisation in the way New Zealand is run.Releasing a joint position statement this afternoon, LGNZ President Dave Cull said New Zealand needs to restore... Read more

Media Release
15 July, 2018
USA flag

Oliver Hartwich about how Trump shocks European allies

Donald Trump's performance at the NATO summit has raised more questions than answers.Oliver Hartwich tells Andrew West on ABC Radio there's increasing uncertainty about the future of the trans-Atlantic alliance and other international agreements after the American president chastised Germany and other members countries. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Saturday Extra - ABC Radio National (Australia)
14 July, 2018

Government failure blamed for road toll

A seventh person died in Waikato Hospital after a head-on collision near Waverley in South Taranaki. Sam Warburton tells Mike Hosking the road toll has gone up by 60 percent over the past four years, but travel is only up 15 percent. He says the whole policy has been one of our biggest national tragedies. Read more

Sam Warburton
Newstalk ZB - Mike Hosking Breakfast
28 June, 2018

How do we measure child poverty?

Wallace Chapman talks to Jenesa Jeram about how we measure child poverty. She says the Child Poverty Reduction Bill is underwhelming and the way we measure poverty isn't consistent. Jenesa will be speaking on this topic at Presbyterian Support Northern’s free public lecture series on child poverty in Auckland (28 June) and Wellington (17 July). Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Sunday Morning - Radio NZ
24 June, 2018

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