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Welcome to my safe space

I recently read an article that distressed me so deeply I feel it needed a trigger warning. The article reported that millennials are more likely to support socialism. In fact, the piece was written by our executive director for this very newsletter. Of course I was offended by such a smear, I am after all part of the snowflake generation. As Oliver has already written, Lukianoff and Haidt are right in arguing that this snowflake culture is likely to set... Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Insights Newsletter
14 September, 2018

Uncertainty over sugar tax report details

A sugar tax would generate millions in revenue and save lives, the Prime Minister has been told.The briefing from the Ministry of Health's chief science advisor Dr John Potter was given at Jacinda Ardern's request.Eric Crampton tells Mike Hosking there a few important details missing in the report."It's hard to tell to tell how much of this is new work and how much of it was from prior studies." Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Newstalk ZB - Mike Hosking Breakfast
13 September, 2018
Sanitary items

If it bleeds, it leads but it may not be poverty

There is a saying about the news media: "If it bleeds, it leads". Not to be crude, but the recent rise in coverage of period poverty is a classic example of such thinking.The period poverty movement appears torn in its objectives: is the problem periods or is it poverty? Because for all the concern behind the movement, the focus on poverty seems to have been lost.For those who have not heard of the concept, "period poverty" refers to the costs... Read more

Jenesa Jeram
The New Zealand Herald
22 August, 2018

Not so youthful rebellion

Back in 1986 the Beastie Boys released what would become one of their most well-known songs. While (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) captured the imagination of young people, parents, politicians and society at large began hand-wringing about all the partying, drunken antics and teenage rebellion. Fast forward to 2018 and it’s not the youthful Millennials fighting for their right to party… it’s their grandparents. Read more

Ben Craven
Insights Newsletter
27 July, 2018

How do we measure child poverty?

Wallace Chapman talks to Jenesa Jeram about how we measure child poverty. She says the Child Poverty Reduction Bill is underwhelming and the way we measure poverty isn't consistent. Jenesa will be speaking on this topic at Presbyterian Support Northern’s free public lecture series on child poverty in Auckland (28 June) and Wellington (17 July). Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Sunday Morning - Radio NZ
24 June, 2018
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A poverty problem by any other name

As a researcher, I sometimes feel a bit awkward or apologetic talking about poverty, and particularly how to measure it. It is easy to get stuck in the abstract, talking about definitions and statistical accuracy, and forget that there are families struggling and children whose basic needs are not being met. Meanwhile, there are people working in social services who are making real changes to peoples’ lives regardless of how the government defines poverty. Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Insights Newsletter
15 June, 2018

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