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Randall Bess about the future of recreational fisheries

In his new report 'The Future Catch', Dr Randall Bess is calling for a peak body to be set up to influence policy around recreational fishing to ensure future generations will be able to fish. Duncan Garner interviews Dr Randall Bess on The AM Show about his recommendations. Read more

Dr Randall Bess
The AM Show
5 December, 2017

Media release: New Zealand's recreational fishers deserve a better deal

Wellington (4 December 2017): New Zealand’s recreational fishing sector needs a representative peak body to bring all marine fishing interests together to engage with the Minister of Fisheries, the new Ministry of Fisheries and other fishing sectors.There are several options for funding such a peak body. The preferred one is the petrol excise duty that recreational boat-based fishers already pay and get little in the way of benefits. There are other options for funding that could come from fishers. Read more

Media release
4 December, 2017
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New Zealand's opportunity for recreational fishers

New Zealand has a great opportunity to improve the recreational fishing experience for current fishers and the next generation.Dr Andrew Rowland from Recfishwest in Western Australia outlines some of the key policy proposals from our latest report, The Future Catch.Read the report here: Read more

4 December, 2017
Rec fishing

Future of recreational fisheries

Increasingly, we are hearing recreational fishers are frustrated about the depletion of some fisheries compared with what they experienced in the past. Also, tensions and conflicts between recreational, commercial and customary fishers are intensifying as they compete for limited fisheries resources. Each fishing sector shares an interest in taking more from a fishery, and they value their share quite differently. The aim of the New Zealand Initiative’s fisheries project is to find ways to preserve fishing for food and fun... Read more

Dr Randall Bess
Insights Newsletter
1 December, 2017

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