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Media release: NZ Initiative praises Government for fiscal watchdog

The New Zealand Initiative enthusiastically welcomes the Coalition Government’s announcement of an Independent Parliamentary Budget Office. Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Associate Finance Minister James Shaw jointly announced the Office today, to be operational from mid-2021. The Independent Parliamentary Budget Office will monitor the government’s fiscal strategy and provide independent costings of political party policies. Dr Bryce Wilkinson, co-author of the New Zealand Initiative’s 2014 report, Guarding the Public Purse, which called for the establishment of an independent fiscal institution,... Read more

Media Release
20 August, 2019
Budget 2024

The Unreserved Bank

On Monday, Adrian Orr was interviewed on TV One’s Q+A programme. If you had not known that Orr is the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, you could have mistaken him for a politician.Orr expressed clear views not just on monetary policy but on fiscal policy as well. He urged the Government to spend more, especially on infrastructure.The two policy areas are important to each other but they are not the same. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
16 August, 2019

Bad stats are hard to kill

It is the hope that this time it will be different that really kills you. Sisyphus at least knew his labours were futile and could resign himself to the task of forever pushing the boulder uphill.A decade ago, Matt Burgess and I went through BERL’s headline-grabbing $4.8 billion measure of alcohol’s social cost. Sir Geoffrey Palmer, heading the Law Commission’s alcohol legislation review, had cited the gap between BERL’s measure of social cost and alcohol tax revenue to justify imposing... Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Insights Newsletter
16 August, 2019

Media Release: Reserve Bank focus needs to be clarified

Following the larger than anticipated cut in the cash rate, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has signalled its preparation for unconventional monetary policies such as negative interest rates and quantitative easing. But such a move requires an urgent clarification of the Remit given to the RBNZ’s Monetary Policy Committee, argues a new research note by The New Zealand Initiative. The research note, The Unreserved Bank of New Zealand, is co-authored by Professor Robert MacCulloch of Auckland Business School and... Read more

Media Release
13 August, 2019

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