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Jason Krupp

Research Fellow

Before joining The New Zealand Initiative, Jason was a business reporter at The Dominion Post. He previously worked for Fairfax’s Business Bureau where he was chiefly responsible for covering equity and currency markets for the group. Prior to that, he wrote for BusinessDesk, New Zealand’s only dedicated business news agency. Jason has a degree in journalism from Rhodes University, and has previously lived in Hong Kong and South Africa.

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Recent Work

economy newspaper1

If only we listened to the experts

Economist and commentator Shamubeel Eaqub recently wrote an impassioned column, urging experts to bridge the communication gap lest the disaster of majoritarian rule ensue.Undercutting his piece was the message that if experts just used smaller words, or spoke slower, disasters like the Global Financial Crisis and Brexit could have been avoided.With all due respect to Mr Eaqub, who I know on a first name basis, a great dollop of humility might be a better tonic. Read more

Jason Krupp
Insights Newsletter
24 February, 2017

We need an apples-for-houses comparison on immigration

Let’s engage in an absurd exercise. Do immigrants, just in coming to New Zealand, make apples more expensive? The answer is no in the grand scheme of things. Sure, if a group of apple-loving foreigners was big enough, demand would exceed supply, and the price would rise in the short-term. But that price rise would attract producers and sellers, supply would pick up to match demand, and pretty soon the price spike would subside. Read more

Jason Krupp
7 February, 2017

Facts of immigration matter

Six months ago, when we started scoping the Initiative’s immigration report, we had a very specific audience in mind: Winston Peters. Our aim was to assemble all the available research and have a fact-based conversation with New Zealand’s most prominent immigration sceptic.Judging by Mr Peters’ comments on Facebook, which were re-published in the Indian News Link community newspaper, we have failed. Not only does it look as if the leader of NZ First failed to crack the cover of the report, but... Read more

Dr Rachel Hodder
Jason Krupp
Insights Newsletter
3 February, 2017
The New New Zealanders cover

The New New Zealanders: Why migrants make good Kiwis

New Zealand is widely regarded as a unique place, renowned for its natural beauty, culture, economic freedom, and quality of life. Immigration has played an important part in achieving this outcome. Simply by moving here, immigrants have helped shaped the forces that make up modern New Zealand. Read more

Dr Rachel Hodder
Jason Krupp
30 January, 2017

Monument to stupidity

Public art can be a powerful thing. It can inspire, uplift, and even get us to think introspectively. Now that Michael Parekowhai's The Lighthouse has been unveiled on Auckland’s waterfront we can add ‘give rise to bitter irony’ to the list.The piece is a near scale replica of a 1950s state house, and as the name implies it is meant to symbolise safe harbour and welcome to people coming to the city. Read more

Jason Krupp
Insights Newsletter
27 January, 2017

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