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Martine Udahemuka

Research Fellow

Martine is a Research Fellow at The New Zealand Initiative working on education policy. Martine was a student success advisor and learning consultant at Massey University, and has published research on migrant and refugee integration in New Zealand. She was also with the New Zealand Aid Programme at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Martine holds a Masters of Arts in Industrial and Organisational Psychology with First Class Honours from Massey University.

Martine is available for comment on any of the Initiative’s education research. In particular, the state of New Zealand’s schools and the way their performance is assessed and managed and how the US and the UK have turned around failing schools.

Signal Loss: What we know about school performance
Fair and Frank: Global insights for managing school performance
The final report in this series will be released in July 2017

Phone: +64 4 499 0790


Recent Work

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Beautiful friendships in education

On Wednesday evening, Oliver summed up our event à la Casablanca. Thanking our guest speakers, he rightly said ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship’. Discussing our latest education report, we were joined by Education Minister Nikki Kaye; Post-Primary Teachers’ Association President, Jack Boyle; and Forsyth Barr Managing Director, Neil Paviour-Smith. Speakers commented on the findings and conclusions of the report Amplifying Excellence, the final in a trilogy analysing the performance of New Zealand’s education system. Read more

Martine Udahemuka
Insights Newsletter
7 July, 2017

First, do no harm

You won’t normally find this column defending nanny-state initiatives around healthy eating.   Personal responsibility matters, and the simple fact that somebody chooses food you would not choose for yourself hardly means they are irrational, or that force-feeding them things they do not like would make them better off.   But in the grand scheme of things, Christchurch’s Healthy Eating strategy is not nearly as bad as it could have been. And that is something to celebrate in a crazy world. Read more

Martine Udahemuka
Insights Newsletter
9 June, 2017
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Show me the evidence

The football season has begun. Not the FIFA cup, but the political football that is education. And when it comes to the fate of partnership schools, the Labour team’s position has been ambiguous, at best. The survival of these schools, if Labour gets into Government, has been changing from one day to the next, and from one member to the next. Two Sundays ago, Labour list candidate Willie Jackson, who helped set up a partnership school, suggested that Labour would... Read more

Martine Udahemuka
Insights newsletter
19 May, 2017
US vote

Method or Madness?

Two months ago, the world witnessed something of a horror, well, at least in my mind: The moment the Donald Trump became the new leader of the free world. When I contemplate on the moments before and after that day, I can’t help but think of Shakespeare’s quip: “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t”. Could it be that the president is making a fool of himself on purpose? After all, Trump’s faux-pas moments clearly made him more... Read more

Martine Udahemuka
Insights Newsletter
7 April, 2017
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Black cats and education

According to Oscar Wilde, “religion is like a blind man looking in a black room for a black cat that isn’t there, and finding it”. Well, in a way that is almost the definition of teacher quality.Defining, let alone measuring and rewarding teacher quality is notoriously difficult. Anyone who claims the opposite is either naïve or blinded by ideology.But just because it is hard should not be an excuse for not trying. Read more

Martine Udahemuka
Insights Newsletter
10 March, 2017
Martine AM Show

New education report: Fair and Frank

Our second in a series of reports on school under-performance was released on 20 February 2017. Report author Martine Udahemuka spoke to The AM Show about her findings.The report documents the strategies implemented in five jurisdictions across the US and UK to identify effective schools, effective teaching, and reform failing schools - as well as exploring the successes, failures and implications of those strategies.The final report in the series will be released later in 2017 and will inform practical policy recommendations. Read more

Martine Udahemuka
The AM Show
20 February, 2017

Learning from failure

Last week The Herald premiered Under the Bridge, a three-part documentary about life in Papakura High School: a low decile school plagued with a reputation for persistent poor performance.Despite increasing government support, the school’s achievement statistics remained among the lowest in the country and its student roll continued to decline as students and teachers lost hope.The Herald followed the journey of the new principal brought in to fix the school in 2016.Papakura’s story is not unique. The Initiative’s 2015 analysis of school performance reviews found that... Read more

Martine Udahemuka
Insights Newsletter
17 February, 2017

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