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Sam Warburton

Research Fellow

Sam joins The New Zealand Initiative after 13 years in the public service including the Ministries of Business, Innovation and Employment, Primary Industries, and Transport. He will initially be focusing on transport and infrastructure. Sam has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration with first class Honours from Victoria University, majoring in Economics and Public Policy.

Latest report:
Submission: Land Transport Management (Regional Fuel Tax) Amendment Bill (2018)


Recent Work


Gravy trains

If you are as lucky as me and found yourself watching Parliament at 9pm on Tuesday night, you would have seen the debate on the Government’s proposed regional fuel tax legislation.The legislation will allow Auckland initially, and other regions later, to tax petrol and diesel up to 10 cents per litre for transport projects. Auckland will use it to accelerate roads, trains, and walking and cycling infrastructure.I am moderately in favour of regional fuel taxes. Read more

Insights Newsletter
29 March, 2018

Hosting America's Cup 'barely worth it'

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) admitted errors in its report on the economic benefits of hosting the America's Cup in Auckland. Its initial cost-to-benefit ratio estimate was between 1.8 and 1.2, meaning benefits would outweigh cost by between 80 and 20 percent. However, it revised this to a high of 1.14 and a low of 0.997. Sam Warburton, who reviewed MBIE's numbers, tells Larry Williams why “hosting the Cup in Auckland would be barely worth it." Read more

Larry Williams Drive - Newstalk ZB
22 December, 2017

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