Sam Warburton

Former Research Fellow

During his time at the Initiative, Sam focused on transport and infrastructure. Sam has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration with first class Honours from Victoria University, majoring in Economics and Public Policy.


Recent Work

Traffic jam

Is the road toll actually increasing?

The discussion about the road toll has risen in recent weeks. Larry Williams asks Sam Warburton whether the road toll is actually increasing when you also look at things like population growth and the numbers of cars on the road. Read more

Sam Warburton
Larry Williams Drive - Newstalk ZB
16 October, 2017
economy newspaper1

"The Invisible Handful"

A flock of buzzards. A den of snakes. A shiver of sharks. A swarm of eels. A pride of peacocks. An intrusion of cockroaches. Hyenas. Rats. Flies. These are all animals that economists have been compared to. But what do we call a group of economists? In a recent article, journalist Jo Moir coined the collective noun ‘a wealth of economists’. This is too clever to have been unintentional and sparked a flurry of discussion publicly and among The New... Read more

Sam Warburton
Insights Newsletter
22 September, 2017

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