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Media Release: NZ Initiative praises Prod Comm's planning report

Wellington (29 March 2017): The Productivity Commission’s latest report underscores the importance of a fit-for-purpose planning system, and just how far the current arrangements are from this ideal state, says The New Zealand Initiative.The Better Urban Planning report details how the current planning framework, principally the Resource Management Act 1991, has failed to achieve the economic flexibility and environmental protections it set out to achieve. Instead the commission is proposing a substantial overhaul of the planning system.“After 26 years the costs of... Read more

Media Release
29 March, 2017

Brexit means trade opportunities

Before she became British Prime Minister, Theresa May announced that “Brexit means Brexit.” Ever since, we have been wondering what she meant. It is now nine months after the Brexit referendum. In the meantime, Britain got a new Prime Minister. The UK Supreme Court had to decide on the correct procedure for leaving the European Union. Following that, Parliament needed to pass legislation to allow the UK government to formally start the process. It will probably happen sometime next week. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
24 March, 2017
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Time to address a longstanding fisheries problem

Einstein once said that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. The thinking behind the management of New Zealand’s recreational fisheries is a case in point. It began decades ago as a hands-off approach when recreational fishing was a marginal activity that did not pose much of a threat to fish stock sustainability.   The management thinking has largely remained hands-off, despite continual increases in demand for recreational fishing, along with competition... Read more

Dr Randall Bess
Insights Newsletter
24 March, 2017

Sideshow Bob and the Transport Committee

I’m a fan of classic episodes of The Simpsons. In Cape Feare, Sideshow Bob sneaks a ride under the Simpsons’ car, with murderous intent. After an unpleasant ride, he steps out from under the car, and onto a rake. And onto another. Every time a rake hit him in the face, it got just a little bit funnier. Watching the Transport Select Committee’s handling of Uber is funny too, but not ha-ha funny. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Insights Newsletter
24 March, 2017
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How will New Zealand fare post-Brexit?

Former UK Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, Rt Hon Peter Lilley, joined Duncan Garner on The AM Show to talk about the emerging opportunities for New Zealand once the UK exits the European Union. Read more

Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP
The AM Show
22 March, 2017
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Media Release: Tertiary education, and student loan scheme, in need of shake-up

The New Zealand Productivity Commission’s report on tertiary education shows that the tertiary education system needs fundamental change. An important part of that change is introducing interest on new student loans. The New Zealand Initiative today welcomed the Productivity Commission’s report, New Models of Tertiary Education. The report points to many promising reforms to improve tertiary performance. It also demonstrates the systematic damaging effects of the government’s interest-free loan scheme. The Initiative’s Head of Research, Dr Eric Crampton, said “When the government writes off... Read more

Media Release
21 March, 2017

Time to slash housing's Gordian knot

This week business journalist Bernard Hickey took his pen to the subject of housing, listing the factors that have unintentionally conspired to create New Zealand’s housing affordability crisis. It is a piece worth reading because it offers a glimpse into the complex and intertwined regulations and constraints that prevent the housing market from functioning like every other market. Hickey calls it a Gordian knot. At the core of this entanglement lies an infrastructure problem. Read more

Jason Krupp
Insights Newsletter
17 March, 2017

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