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Quarantine 3

Easing open the bars of the Covid cage

Family coming to stay for the weekend is hardly a reason for home renovations. In a pinch, folks can bunk in together for a while. But if they’re going to be around for the next couple of years, well, it might make sense to put in the extension or build a sleepout. And the longer you wait to get started, the more miserable the experience for everyone. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
4 August, 2020

Media Release: New report asks if the government should be buying medicines for Kiwis

Wellington, 28 July 2020 – Should the government buy medicines for people who could afford the drugs themselves? This is one question asked in a new report by think tank The New Zealand Initiative. Written by Bryce Wilkinson, the report analyses the government’s drug-buying agency Pharmac. Pharmac: The right prescription? gives credit to Pharmac for lowering the costs of many medicines. It achieved this through a combination of buying power and tough commercial negotiations. Read more

Media Release
29 July, 2020

Media Release: Border entry can be safely scaled-up, new report says

Wellington, 23 July 2020 – New Zealand needs to ‘raft up’ with other Covid-free countries while building stronger border capabilities, according to a new report by The New Zealand Initiative. And a voucher programme for helping returning Kiwis cover the cost of managed isolation could help New Zealand’s managed isolation system safely scale up. The report Safe Arrivals begins from the principle that safe entry should be allowed and that risky entry must be made safe. Read more

Media Release
24 July, 2020

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