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Media release: Labour misses opportunity to control Covid-19 debt

Wellington, 9 September 2020 – If Labour’s goal is to get debt back under control then it would make more sense to prune back spending, such as on superannuation, says David Law, senior research fellow at The New Zealand Initiative. Today, Labour finance minister Grant Robertson announced a lift in the top tax percentage from 33% to 39% for anyone earning over $180,000. Everyone else’s tax rate remains the same. Read more

Media Release
9 September, 2020
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Real rent control

It wasn’t that long after the Christchurch earthquakes that the calls for rent control came. The earthquakes had destroyed thousands and thousands of homes. Things were really rather dire. We lived in South New Brighton at the time; our neighbour had people living in her garden shed. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The Dominion Post
7 September, 2020

Sweden, mortality postponed

Some countries have clear advantages during a pandemic. For instance, New Zealand is surrounded by a thousand-kilometre moat.On the other hand, Sweden’s obvious disadvantage was its proximity to Northern Italy, one of the first Covid-19 hotspots outside of China and a common destination for Swedes on ski holidays.However, research from Washington DC-based George Mason University show it can be the less obvious shortcomings that can hurt the most during a pandemic.In their recent working paper, 16 Possible factors for Sweden’s... Read more

Joel Hernandez
Insights newsletter
4 September, 2020

Media release: Government must ease border blockage for critical workers

Wellington, 3 September 2020 – A chokepoint at the border is blocking entry of critical workers and suffocating the economy, according to a new paper from The New Zealand Initiative. New Zealand’s small size means both the public and private sectors often need international experts with niche skills. Without them, economic activity across the economy risks grinding to a halt, said author and Initiative chairman Roger Partridge. Read more

Media Release
3 September, 2020

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