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Productivity costs of reading news

You probably shouldn’t tell your boss you are reading this.If the Initiative’s newsletter regularly gets you worked up, agitated or argumentative then you might be better off comforting yourself by looking at cat pictures.You see, it turns out that the regular consumption of political news might be leading to reduced productivity in the workplace. Full disclosure: I read the article while at work. The point of the piece is that in these turbulent political times, we’re all reading a lot more... Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Insights Newsletter
17 February, 2017
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What should it take to become a Kiwi?

I am married to an immigrant. It is not something I often need to confront. Sure, there are the annual visits by my much-loved mother-in-law, but you don’t need to wed a foreigner to enjoy that privilege. And as a young English lawyer, my wife seemed to assimilate easily enough with the locals. She quickly became one of us. Yet shortly before Christmas my beloved’s alien origins took centre-stage. Literally. Read more

Roger Partridge
Insights Newsletter
10 February, 2017

We need an apples-for-houses comparison on immigration

Let’s engage in an absurd exercise. Do immigrants, just in coming to New Zealand, make apples more expensive? The answer is no in the grand scheme of things. Sure, if a group of apple-loving foreigners was big enough, demand would exceed supply, and the price would rise in the short-term. But that price rise would attract producers and sellers, supply would pick up to match demand, and pretty soon the price spike would subside. Read more

Jason Krupp
7 February, 2017
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Confronting populism with evidence

The New Zealand Initiative this week made a case for why, when assessing immigration, it is important to count the benefits and not just the costs. Not surprisingly it was greeted with an intemperate response from NZ First leader Winston Peters, who railed at our finding that migrants are not stealing jobs from Kiwis. Read more

Dr Rachel Hodder
The National Business Review
3 February, 2017

Facts of immigration matter

Six months ago, when we started scoping the Initiative’s immigration report, we had a very specific audience in mind: Winston Peters. Our aim was to assemble all the available research and have a fact-based conversation with New Zealand’s most prominent immigration sceptic.Judging by Mr Peters’ comments on Facebook, which were re-published in the Indian News Link community newspaper, we have failed. Not only does it look as if the leader of NZ First failed to crack the cover of the report, but... Read more

Dr Rachel Hodder
Jason Krupp
Insights Newsletter
3 February, 2017

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