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Data can tell us when 'social investment' is worthwhile

Cold hard data will not put breakfast on the table. It will not be a source of comfort and advice when there is no one else to talk to. And it will not put a roof over anyone's head. Yet the Government's social investment approach - and in particular the greater use of data - could revolutionise the way social services are funded and delivered. Read more

Jenesa Jeram
NZ Herald
23 May, 2017

Social investment is about changing lives

“Too often, past governments have judged success only by what they spent, rather than what difference that spending made to people’s lives. Yet changing lives is the whole point.”Prime Minister Bill English did not shy away from acknowledging past government failures in his pre-Budget speech last week. With a focus on social investment, English was sending the message he had already made many times as Finance Minister: it is not the spending that matters, but its effectiveness.If you ever get... Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Insights Newsletter
12 May, 2017

Social bonds neither right wing nor left wing

Resistance to the social bonds pilot has essentially boxed Labour and the Greens into a corner. Social bonds (or Social Impact Bonds as they are known internationally), after all, have traditionally been introduced by left-wing governments.I understand that the role of the Opposition is to oppose. And there is potentially much to oppose in the execution of social bonds. But opposing social bonds in principle leaves fewer options for addressing entrenched social problems.For those who have forgotten, social bonds are an innovative way... Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Insights Newsletter
3 March, 2017

A Robo-tax

Microsoft founder Bill Gates copped a lot of criticism for demanding an income tax for robots. That is unfair. If anything, his proposal did not go far enough.Mr Gates is obviously right to note that robots are replacing human beings in the workplace. Some experts predict almost half of all jobs may be made redundant by technological progress. Indeed, that was the motivation for Labour’s ‘Future of Work’ inquiry.But a blunt income tax on robots is, of course, pure nonsense. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
3 March, 2017

Breaking down the immigration stats

Following the launch of our immigration report, The New New Zealanders: Why migrants make good Kiwis, co-author Jason Krupp explains that while 125,000 people arrived into New Zealand in a 12 month period, not all of them are here to stay. Read more

Jason Krupp
21 February, 2017

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