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New Zealand's inshore fisheries - a game of chicken

With some exceptions, there is a distinct lack of co-operation among the various interests in New Zealand’s inshore fisheries. The lack of co-operation worsens as competition increases for limited fisheries resources. This is largely due to each interest asserting its rights of access to the resources prevail over others. There is no easy solution to this standoff. It is a classic game-theory problem known as the game of chicken, which was first popularised in the movie, Rebel Without a Cause. Read more

Dr Randall Bess
The National Business Review
15 September, 2017

Media release: North Island to share its views on the future of recreational fishing

What does the future hold for recreational fishing? That is the central question that will be asked at a series of upcoming public meetings in the North Island, hosted by The New Zealand Initiative. These seven meetings will be an opportunity for members of the public to share their views on the future of recreational fishing, and learn more about the Initiative’s latest consultation document on this subject, The Future Catch. Read more

Media release
1 September, 2017
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Video: Hopes for the future of New Zealand's recreational fishing

In this short video, Sir Mark Solomon, Chris McKenzie, Geoff Rowling, Margaret Wind and the Initiative's Dr Randall Bess discuss their hopes for the future of New Zealand's fishing experience and how we can learn from Western Australia - who have turned their recreational fisheries around. Read more

28 August, 2017
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The Future of Recreational Fishing in NZ

The New Zealand Initiative's Dr Randall Bess and Geoff Rowling from Our Fishing Future, speak to Radio New Zealand about the future of recreational fishing in New Zealand. Throughout August and September, Dr Bess will be travelling the country holding public meetings to gather feedback from local fishing communities and discuss the draft recommendations in his latest report, 'The Future Catch: Preserving Recreational Fisheries for the Next Generation'. Read more

Dr Randall Bess
Radio New Zealand
22 August, 2017
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Of fables and fish

When Aesop told the fable of the Four Oxen and the Lion, and uttered the famous phrase “United we stand, divided we fall,” I doubt he was thinking about the plight of recreational fishers. But, as with any good fable, this lesson nevertheless holds true. As part of the Initiative’s research into recreational fishing, we are holding twelve public meetings across the country. We want to hear what locals in these communities think of our draft policy recommendations, and learn... Read more

Ben Craven
Insights Newsletter
18 August, 2017

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