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plastic bags

Better living through plastics

Time flies. Was it only a year ago that New Zealand’s ban on disposable plastic bags at the supermarket came in? It’s hard to tell anymore. January seemed to last about a week, February was about two months long and April… well, April’s been longer than usual and is far from over. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Insights Newsletter
17 April, 2020

Media Release: Congestion charging: It works!

New Zealand can learn from international experiences showing congestion pricing systems can be successfully introduced – and with the support of the public, says a new report released today by The New Zealand Initiative. Read more

Media Release
28 January, 2020
OH AM Show 28 Jan Pricing out congestion

Let's get our roads moving

Our new report, Pricing out Congestion: Experiences from abroad, looks overseas to see how other cities have successfully implemented road pricing systems that work for their people and their environment. Oliver Hartwich explains on The AM Show, the benefits of a road pricing system and what New Zealand can learn from these international examples. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The AM Show
28 January, 2020

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