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Media release: We don't know how lucky we are in this country

This year’s election campaign has been just a little bit crazy. But New Zealand remains the world’s last sane place, says The New Zealand Initiative. It is important to keep it that way.The Initiative today released Chief Economist Dr Eric Crampton’s essay, The Outside of the Asylum. Its lighthearted take makes a serious point. Regardless of election year shenanigans, New Zealand gets a lot of things right that other countries screw up. For example: Read more

Media release
2 September, 2017

Steaming mad

The Whanganui District Council has taken the bold step of banning the use of electronic cigarettes (vaping) in public areas. Experts recognise that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking and has been a critical factor in helping people quit. But thankfully, Whanganui mayor Hamish McDouall does not bother wasting his time informing himself on the “research” or “evidence”. The mayor ‘knew of’ young people who had become smokers after starting vaping. Read more

Dr Rachel Hodder
Insights Newsletter
28 July, 2017
NZI Research Programme cover

Research Plan 2017-2020

The New Zealand Initiative is New Zealand's leading think tank.The Initiative produces accessible, evidence-based research (available in print and online) with a focus on policy areas we believe are vital for a free and prosperous New Zealand.  Read more

17 July, 2017

Media release: The New Zealand Initiative releases three-year research plan

The New Zealand Initiative has released its new research plan for 2017 through to 2020.The aim is the same as our previous research plans – to shape the policy agenda and tackle the big issues facing our country. Our team will continue to undertake in-depth research into what we see as the country’s biggest issues. These include housing, local government and education.The Initiative will also branch out into new areas of research focusing on healthcare, infrastructure and freshwater management. Read more

Media Release
17 July, 2017

Jamie Oliver is a bloody disgrace

I thought that having a UK celebrity chef tell us that our kids are too fat and that anyone against a sugar tax deserves a slap would have gone down as well as a sous vide burger. I was wrong. Celebrity chef and sugar tax activist Jamie Oliver reckons it is a ‘bloody disgrace’ no one from National turned up to a conference advocating for a sugar tax. Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Insights Newsletter
7 July, 2017

Risky impressions and judicial euphemisms

I may risk creating the impression that I enjoy judicial euphemisms. For the past few years, police have been getting stroppy about alcohol licences. This was most obvious when Parliament had to legislate around police obstructionism to allow bars to stay open to screen the Rugby World Cup in 2015.Venues can apply for special licences to stay open for things like late-night rugby matches. It was a big part of the point of special licences. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The National Business Review
5 May, 2017

Equity for home-care clients

Nobody yet knows the new pay equity regime’s administrative cost. But we have a pretty good estimate of the costs of the pay equity settlement for the aged care sector: about two billion dollars.Pay there was going to have to increase to attract more workers to serve an aging population – which perhaps discouraged the government from simply legislating around the TerraNova decision. But there is a better way to improve pay for home-based care workers, to reduce overall cost,... Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Insights Newsletter
5 May, 2017

E-cigarettes a ground-up policy

What do you think is more harmful: Smoking a cigarette and inhaling the hundreds of toxic chemical by-products? Or inhaling a nicotine vapour without them? If you think the latter option is safer then not only do you display common sense. You are also on the side of science and overwhelming evidence. Practically all credible health experts are convinced that so-called e-cigarettes are safer than smoking. Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Insights Newsletter
7 April, 2017

Media release: Compensating live organ donors bill a win for New Zealand

Wellington (1 December 2016): The New Zealand Initiative is delighted that Chris Bishop’s bill compensating live organ donors passed its third reading yesterday.Dr Eric Crampton, Head of Research with the Initiative, said “This bill will help overcome substantial financial barriers that prevent a lot of people from donating organs. It will make a real difference in their lives.”The Initiative submitted on the Bill, arguing that donor compensation should be at 100% of lost earnings rather than 80%. Read more

Media Release
1 December, 2016

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