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Media release: The New Zealand Initiative Welcomes Wellington City Council Proposal For City Accord

Wellington (12 October 2017): Whatever government forms after coalition negotiations should listen to Wellington City Council’s proposal for a Wellington City Accord, says The New Zealand Initiative. Official Information Act requests today revealed that Wellington City Council has asked the government for expanded powers for the city, whether through a City Accord modelled on Greater Manchester’s City Deal, or through a Special Economic Zone. In 2015, the Initiative’s report In The Zone: Creating a Toolbox for Regional Prosperity proposed Special... Read more

Media Release
12 October, 2017
Wellington city

Wellington's bid to become a Special Economic Zone

Alison Mau interviews Eric Crampton on RadioLIVE about Wellington City Council's request for expanded powers for the city. Whether through a City Accord modelled on Greater Manchester’s City Deal, or through a Special Economic Zone. Eric refers in his interview to our 2015 report In The Zone: Creating a Toolbox for Regional Prosperity in which we proposed Special Economic Zones as a way of devolving power to local authorities prepared to take on greater responsibility. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
12 October, 2017

Media release: Support for Swiss-style dual education and GST for the regions

Wellington, 12 September 2017 - The New Zealand Initiative welcomes the results of the Mood of the Boardroom 2017 survey. New Zealand business leaders gave their view on policies to address critical issues like housing, immigration, the environment and taxation. Following the Initiative’s business delegation trip to Switzerland earlier this year, one survey-question revealed that 94 percent of the business leaders support the introduction of a Swiss-style dual education system for New Zealand. Read more

Media release
12 September, 2017

Media release: We don't know how lucky we are in this country

This year’s election campaign has been just a little bit crazy. But New Zealand remains the world’s last sane place, says The New Zealand Initiative. It is important to keep it that way.The Initiative today released Chief Economist Dr Eric Crampton’s essay, The Outside of the Asylum. Its lighthearted take makes a serious point. Regardless of election year shenanigans, New Zealand gets a lot of things right that other countries screw up. For example: Read more

Media release
2 September, 2017
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What is wrong with our regulatory institutions?

To get the right answers you have to ask the right questions. If you do not, chances are you will not discover everything you need to know. This precisely captures a problem with the terms of reference set for the Productivity Commission’s review of New Zealand’s regulatory regimes and regulatory institutions in 2014. The resulting report identified a litany of problems with our regulators. Some, it said, placed significant weight on managing risks to the organisation at the expense of... Read more

Roger Partridge
Insights Newsletter
1 September, 2017

How radical is road pricing?

Elon Musk, of Paypal and Tesla fame, is boring a tunnel under Los Angeles. Musk believes he will be able to transport cars between L.A.’s West Coast and centre in five minutes. Auckland is smaller than L.A., but perhaps it is time we raised our game. Last weekend saw a flurry of pre-election announcements about Auckland transport; new roads and rail from National, and a new fuel-tax funded, light-rail line from Labour. Read more

Insights Newsletter
11 August, 2017
Building house

The winding road to housing affordability

The announcement of a new way of funding urban infrastructure is a bit like announcing a way of clearing that first big slip on the road from Kaikoura to Blenheim. It’s an important and necessary start but it is only a start.After the slips are cleared, there will still be a lot of work ahead before traffic can start moving again. The road will need to be rebuilt in places, and slopes will need to be stabilised. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The National Business Review
28 July, 2017

Media Release: LGNZ Manifesto – an important step for empowering our local councils

Wellington (23 July 2017): The release of Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ) 2017 Local Government Manifesto calls for councils to have more of the responsibility to create stronger, vibrant and more prosperous communities.Since 2012, the role of local government has been a core research topic for The New Zealand Initiative. Across six research reports, the Initiative has published recommendations on strengthening local government, promoting local democracy and devolving government services. “Localism is more than just local government,” says Dr Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative’s Executive Director. Read more

Media Release
23 July, 2017

Media Release: Land use restrictions caused the housing crisis

Wellington (20 July 2017): Superu’s report on land use planning confirms what The New Zealand Initiative has been saying since 2012. Restrictions on land use have driven Auckland’s housing crisis. And restoring housing affordability requires fixing land use planning. Superu today released a report showing that land use restrictions are responsible for over half of the current cost of housing in Auckland. Restrictive regulations drive up land prices and are the primary cause of unaffordable housing. Said Initiative Executive Director Oliver Hartwich, “We knew that... Read more

Media Release
20 July, 2017

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