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research-ED Festival of Education

We partnered with researchED to reignite evidence-based education in New Zealand. On Saturday 2nd June, over 240 passionate educators, parents, researchers and school trustees gathered at Auckland Grammar School to discuss the evidence on effective education.Speakers, including Katharine Birbalsingh, Benjamin Evans, Melinda Webber, Michael Johnston and Elizabeth Rata, covered (amongst other things) early literacy instruction, the findings from John Hattie’s meta-analyses of education methods, how to improve University Entrance of Maori students in low decile schools, cognitive automaticity in maths,... Read more

2 June, 2018
KatharineBirbalsingh feature2

Dinner lecture with Katharine Birbalsingh

On Thursday 31 May 2018, The New Zealand Initiative hosted Katharine Birbalsingh for a dinner lecture in Auckland.New Zealand-born Katharine Birbalsingh studied at Oxford University before becoming a teacher. She shot to fame after delivering a single speech to the Conservative Party’s 2010 annual conference. In this speech, she declared Britain's state education system “broken” because it kept "poor children poor."Four years later, Katharine had the chance to create a school different to those she had worked in and criticised. Read more

31 May, 2018
SueB BryceW

Welfare, Work and Wellbeing Panel Discussion

New Zealand deserves a welfare system that does more than provide a safety net for those who need it. It needs to provide ways for beneficiaries to realise their potential and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. This is not happening at present. Abuse, neglect, addiction, youth justice interactions, lack of skills and wasted potential are too prevalent and too self-perpetuating. A welfare system must aim to remove misery not feed it. Promising initiatives have commenced but much remains to be done. Read more

28 November, 2017
RandallBess feature

Future of Recreational Fishing Public Meetings

Have your say about the future of fishing. New Zealanders are keen fishers. But they are concerned about decreasing fish stock abundance. They are also concerned that access to stocks, we once took for granted, is increasingly coming under threat. Read more

14 August, 2017
NikkiKaye feature

Amplifying Excellence Panel Discussion

Parents want good schools and good teachers for their children, and most educators want to pass their knowledge to their students. The New Zealand Initiative’s analyses discovered that too many students leave school unqualified, and many others languish in low performing schools. This is why parents deserve better information to assist them to make critical schooling decisions instead of relying on current league tables. Join the NZ initiative for the launch of “Amplifying Excellence” as we propose new pathways towards a more transparent,... Read more

5 July, 2017
LianneDalziel feature

The Local Manifesto Panel Discussion

Local government plays an important role, one that is often overlooked. When things like roading and recycling work well, they are barely noticed. But when it goes wrong, it can have national consequences – like Auckland’s housing crisis.That is why it is important to have the right policy settings in place to ensure that councils operate in an accountable, open and efficient manner. A sober assessment of New Zealand suggests that our highly centralised system strays wide of the mark, amid... Read more

21 November, 2016
PeterCochrane feature

A global lens on our digital future with Peter Cochrane

"In a connected world no man is an island and neither is his country” Economies and workforces are now globalised with wealth generation determined by the connectivity of national infrastructures, industrial investment and workforce adaptability. Read more

11 October, 2016
LukeMalpass feature

Report Launch: Priced Out: How New Zealand lost its housing affordability

Barely a week passes when housing in New Zealand is not in the news. Either because house prices are too high or impressive gains are being made. The New Zealand Initiative’s latest report, Priced Out: How New Zealand lost its housing affordability by the Hon Dr Michael Bassett and Luke Malpass, examines the development of housing in New Zealand since the early 1900s, the current state of the housing market, and its journey to this point. The report also looks at the... Read more

11 June, 2013

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