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Media release: We don't know how lucky we are in this country

This year’s election campaign has been just a little bit crazy. But New Zealand remains the world’s last sane place, says The New Zealand Initiative. It is important to keep it that way.The Initiative today released Chief Economist Dr Eric Crampton’s essay, The Outside of the Asylum. Its lighthearted take makes a serious point. Regardless of election year shenanigans, New Zealand gets a lot of things right that other countries screw up. For example: Read more

Media release
2 September, 2017
Building house

The winding road to housing affordability

The announcement of a new way of funding urban infrastructure is a bit like announcing a way of clearing that first big slip on the road from Kaikoura to Blenheim. It’s an important and necessary start but it is only a start.After the slips are cleared, there will still be a lot of work ahead before traffic can start moving again. The road will need to be rebuilt in places, and slopes will need to be stabilised. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The National Business Review
28 July, 2017

A big step towards affordable housing

If you are a regular Insights reader, you will know that housing has been a key issue for the Initiative since we started in 2012. In our reports, speeches and opinion pieces we have repeatedly made the case for reforms to planning, local government and infrastructure finance. In doing so, we convinced many commentators, officials and politicians. Last Sunday, we finally saw the first of our big ideas implemented by Government. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
28 July, 2017

MEDIA RELEASE: A breakthrough for housing affordability

Wellington (23 July 2017): The New Zealand Initiative congratulates the Government on its new mechanism for delivering local infrastructure – not least because it follows a recommendation the Initiative first made in 2013. The Government has just announced it will rename Crown Fibre Holdings into Crown Infrastructure Partners. The new entity will deliver new trunk infrastructure through special purpose vehicles. In this way, infrastructure costs will be recovered through special rates over the lifecycle of the infrastructure assets. Read more

Media Release
23 July, 2017

Media Release: LGNZ Manifesto – an important step for empowering our local councils

Wellington (23 July 2017): The release of Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ) 2017 Local Government Manifesto calls for councils to have more of the responsibility to create stronger, vibrant and more prosperous communities.Since 2012, the role of local government has been a core research topic for The New Zealand Initiative. Across six research reports, the Initiative has published recommendations on strengthening local government, promoting local democracy and devolving government services. “Localism is more than just local government,” says Dr Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative’s Executive Director. Read more

Media Release
23 July, 2017
Building house

Media Release: Land use restrictions caused the housing crisis

Wellington (20 July 2017): Superu’s report on land use planning confirms what The New Zealand Initiative has been saying since 2012. Restrictions on land use have driven Auckland’s housing crisis. And restoring housing affordability requires fixing land use planning. Superu today released a report showing that land use restrictions are responsible for over half of the current cost of housing in Auckland. Restrictive regulations drive up land prices and are the primary cause of unaffordable housing. Said Initiative Executive Director Oliver Hartwich, “We knew that... Read more

Media Release
20 July, 2017
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Research Plan 2017-2020

The New Zealand Initiative is New Zealand's leading think tank.The Initiative produces accessible, evidence-based research (available in print and online) with a focus on policy areas we believe are vital for a free and prosperous New Zealand.  Read more

17 July, 2017

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