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NZI Research Programme cover

Research Plan 2017-2020

The New Zealand Initiative is New Zealand's leading think tank.The Initiative produces accessible, evidence-based research (available in print and online) with a focus on policy areas we believe are vital for a free and prosperous New Zealand.  Read more

17 July, 2017
NZI Research Programme cover

The New Zealand Initiative releases three-year research plan

 The New Zealand Initiative has released its new research plan for 2017 through to 2020.The aim is the same as our previous research plans – to shape the policy agenda and tackle the big issues facing our country. Our team will continue to undertake in-depth research into what we see as the country’s biggest issues. These include housing, local government and education.The Initiative will also branch out into new areas of research focusing on healthcare, infrastructure and freshwater management. Read more

Media Release
17 July, 2017
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Why learning to speak is easy, but learning to read is hard

Have you ever wondered why children learn to speak with relative ease, and yet find reading so much harder?This question was answered in the last 30 years by evolutionary psychology. The roots of this discipline are in biology, but it draws also on artificial intelligence, anthropology and archaeology. Within evolutionary psychology, a distinction is made between information patterns which are biologically primary, and those which are biologically secondary. Biologically primary information has facilitated human survival throughout evolution. Read more

Briar Lipson
Insights Newsletter
14 July, 2017
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Beautiful friendships in education

On Wednesday evening, Oliver summed up our event à la Casablanca. Thanking our guest speakers, he rightly said ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship’. Discussing our latest education report, we were joined by Education Minister Nikki Kaye; Post-Primary Teachers’ Association President, Jack Boyle; and Forsyth Barr Managing Director, Neil Paviour-Smith. Speakers commented on the findings and conclusions of the report Amplifying Excellence, the final in a trilogy analysing the performance of New Zealand’s education system. Read more

Martine Udahemuka
Insights Newsletter
7 July, 2017

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