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Great education needs a push

What if the principal and chair of trustees of each of New Zealand’s 500 secondary schools received a report every year that cut through the noise to show exactly how their school was performing? Crucially, this report would be objective, data-driven and fair, because it adjusts for the unique community of students each school serves. In practice, this would mean a decile 1 school in South Auckland could fairly compare itself with the decile 5 and 10 schools down the... Read more

Joel Hernandez
Insights Newsletter
13 March, 2020
Podcast image6

Podcast #6: Policy analyst Joel Hernandez unveils the real success of three Kiwi secondary schools

Welcome to this week’s New Zealand Initiative podcast with chief editor Nathan Smith. Policy analyst Joel Hernandez joins the stream to discuss the latest developments with his school performance tool. Joel has spent the last two years building a reliable model to assess how New Zealand’s 500 secondary schools are truly faring.The tool uses data drawn from Statistics New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure (or IDI) to separate the contribution of each student’s socioeconomic background from the contribution of the school.He... Read more

Nathan Smith
11 March, 2020
Insights and Excellence cover

Research Note: Insights and Excellence: School success in New Zealand

This research note is the third in a series of reports discussing the Initiative’s school performance tool and school evaluation in New Zealand. We present three case studies showing how three secondary schools performed before and after our tool separated the contribution of family background from the contribution of each school.The three case studies are presented as three individual school reports that provide a more accurate and fairer picture of the schools’ performance over time and in relation to all... Read more

Joel Hernandez
Research Note
9 March, 2020

Media Release - New Report: The Ministry of Education must adopt a new tool for measuring school performance objectively and fairly

Wellington, 6 March 2020 – A groundbreaking new tool could give parents and principals the first objective measurement of New Zealand school performance, says a new report released today by The New Zealand Initiative.Insights and Excellence: School success in New Zealand demonstrates the quality of information, analysis and reporting that could be provided to every parent and principal in the country using the data already collected by the Ministry of Education and other government agencies. Read more

Media Release
9 March, 2020

Knowing what aint so

The following article was sent to us by retired English teacher Peter Joyce, who wrote it some 20 years ago for the NZ Education Review. The article illustrates effectively many of the problems that still grip education today. Because of this, we have re-published it here so it is available to a wider audience. Read more

Written by retired teacher, Peter Joyce
25 February, 2020

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