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What do Kiwis know and not know?

Imagine putting $100 in a bank account that earned 2% annual interest but being unable to calculate how much would be there at the end of one year? ($102) As an NBR reader, that question was probably easy to answer. Yet, in a recent survey of 1000 adult New Zealanders, only 57% answered correctly. Read more

Briar Lipson
The National Business Review
24 November, 2019
BL AM Show 19 Nov

Discussing the gaps in Kiwis' general knowledge

On The AM Show, Briar Lipson discusses her new research, Ignorance is not bliss: Why knowledge matters (and why we may not have enough of it), and highlights the serious gaps in Kiwis' knowledge, Briar explains why a knowledge-rich curriculum is so important and says while it is exciting the Government has announced that New Zealand history will be a required subject in schools from 2022, why does it just stop there - what about teaching world history? Read more

Briar Lipson
The AM Show
19 November, 2019
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Discussing ignorance is not bliss

We all assume we've got a handle on basic knowledge, but a new survey has found New Zealanders have some serious gaps when it comes to basic maths, geography and history facts. Briar Lipson spoke to Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand about the finding from her new report, Ignorance is not bliss: why knowledge matters (and why we might not have enough of it). Read more

Briar Lipson
Radio New Zealand
19 November, 2019

Media Release: Muttonbirds vs. the seven continents - why we need to talk about knowledge in schools

Worrying comments from Whetu Cormick, President of the New Zealand Principals Federation in today’s Herald show why, for the sake of educational equity, it is time New Zealand rethought its approach to knowledge in the national curriculum. Commenting on the Initiative’s latest research report, Ignorance is not bliss: Why knowledge matters (and why we may not have enough of it), Cormick explained that the curriculum was right to let teachers choose topics on the basis of students’ interests. Read more

Media Release
19 November, 2019

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