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Podcast #18: David Law on retirement policy after Covid-19

Pulling New Zealand out of the fiscal hole opened up by Covid-19 will require a lot of new spending, which the government has already announced. But the crisis also offers the country a chance to rethink its expensive retirement schemes like Kiwisaver, the New Zealand Superannuation and the Superannuation Fund. Read more

Dr David Law
Nathan Smith
10 July, 2020
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Political distraction

If the Covid-19 pandemic had happened in a non-election year, would this or any Government’s response have been different? At the best of times, election campaigning can be a distraction for politicians. But supposing the Government’s first decision early this year after it learned of the approaching pandemic was to postpone the election by perhaps six months, might leadership decisions have been more focused? After all, it is hard to see how a fragmented parliament spending precious energy on politics... Read more

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10 July, 2020

Let's not borrow to save

The Government’s plan to recover from the Covid-19 crisis has essentially been about finding new ways to spend. As a result, public debt is expected to increase from 19% of GDP in 2019 to a whopping 54% by 2024 and remain elevated for decades to come. Read more

Dr David Law
NZ Herald
7 July, 2020
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Podcast #17: Bryce Wilkinson unpacks Modern Monetary Theory

The concept of modern monetary theory is back. This set of economic ideas has been around for a while but has risen to prominence recently through the work of American economist and adviser to Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign, Stephanie Kelton, whose book 'The Deficit Myth' was released in June. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Nathan Smith
3 July, 2020

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