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Tackling our road congestion problem

Dr Patrick Carvalho discusses his new report, The Price is Right: The road to a better transport system, with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB. He highlights the benefits of a revenue-neutral congestion charging system that would help to solve the increasing congestion levels in New Zealand. He talks about congestion charges in London and what we can learn from their experiences in order to create an efficient, transparent and world-class pricing scheme here. Read more

Dr Patrick Carvalho
Newstalk ZB
5 November, 2019
PC NBR radio 5 Nov

A bipartisan approach needed to solve road congestion

Our new report, The Price is Right: The road to a better transport system, by Patrick Carvalho, calls for bipartisan political support for the introduction to congestion pricing. The report argues congestion charging - where road users pay charges based on distance, time, location and vehicle type and weight - can promote funding transparency and accountability while addressing the increasing congestion woes in New Zealand. Report author Dr Patrick Carvalho spoke to The National Business Review's Brent Edwards ahead of... Read more

Dr Patrick Carvalho
The National Business Review
5 November, 2019
OH Kim Campbell interview Nov

Interview: Why think tanks are important

Our executive director Dr Oliver Hartwich sits down with Kim Campbell to discuss the work of the Initiative, why it's important and highlights some of the challenges we face. Oliver gives some insights into his childhood in Germany, and his career path to how he ended up in Wellington at the Initiative. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Business at the speed of coffee with Kim Campbell
4 November, 2019

Media Release: Tweaks to the decile funding model not the solution

Abolishing New Zealand’s decile-based school funding system may get rid of the decile stigma of some schools. However, it does nothing to address the underlying issues, says a new research note by think tank The New Zealand Initiative. Authored by the Initiative’s chief economist Dr Eric Crampton, Seeing the problem, but missing the point, explains that more work should be done to analyse the performance of New Zealand’s schools. Read more

Media Release
25 September, 2019

Media Release: A good first step, but more attention is needed to strengthen dual education in NZ

The government’s proposal to reform New Zealand’s underachieving vocational education sector is laudable, but there are still concerns that need to be addressed, says a new research note from The New Zealand Initiative.The research note, Hands-on: New suggestions to reform New Zealand's vocational sector, identifies what changes need to be implemented to ensure the vocational education sector is given the same positive level of attention as a university education: Read more

Media Release
29 August, 2019

Media Release: Achieving an exciting and safer nightlife in New Zealand

To reinvigorate nightlife in our cities we need to take a more modern and balanced approach, says a report released today by The New Zealand Initiative.Living after Midnight: For a better night-time environment highlights New Zealand’s antiquated way of restricting life after dark. Our current approach fails to make use of the social and economic opportunities a neatly managed nightlife can offer while addressing existing concerns. Read more

Media Release
20 August, 2019

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