Spoiled by Choice cover

Spoiled by Choice: How NCEA hampers education, and what it needs to succeed

Education is about learning. However, as assessment expert Alison Wolf explains:…formal education is also, and intrinsically, about selection and certification… ~ Wolf, A. (2008)This is why national assessments exist. New Zealand’s is NCEA – the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. It was introduced in 2002-04.Born out of discontent with the old university-dominated system, NCEA was not designed to enable selection. Rather it was designed to be inclusive, through affording vast flexibility. Read more

Briar Lipson
4 March, 2018
Recipe Disaster cover

Recipe for disaster: Building policy on shaky ground

Kiwis know a lot about earthquake preparedness. We know that we have to store enough water and supplies to last for an extended period. We know that our houses need to be fixed to their foundations, and roofing tiles need to be tied down. And we know that our disaster plans must be up-to-date, so family members can find each other if cell phone networks are down.But the government must attend to its own earthquake preparedness. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Dr Eric Crampton
Jason Krupp
25 January, 2018
DigitalRegs cover

Analog Regulation, Digital World

The Challenge. Which moves faster: technology, or the regulation that tries to keep up with it? It is common knowledge that the pace of technological change is always increasing. But our country’s ability to adapt to new technology depends on whether our regulations can keep pace. If they cannot, then we will get left behind.New Zealand has always faced the twin tyrannies of size and distance. We are small and remote. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
James Ting-Edwards
9 November, 2017
NZI Research Programme cover

Research Plan 2017-2020

The New Zealand Initiative is New Zealand's leading think tank.The Initiative produces accessible, evidence-based research (available in print and online) with a focus on policy areas we believe are vital for a free and prosperous New Zealand. Read more

17 July, 2017
2016 AR cover image

Annual Report 2016

2016 was another successful year for The New Zealand Initiative. This Annual Report summarises our achievements over 2016. Once again we produced thought-provoking research, held well-attended events and had a strong presence in the media. Read more

13 March, 2017

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