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Bridges’ right to travel

At the risk of making myself unpopular, I have absolutely no problem with Simon Bridges’ expenses bill. Except that it was leaked and that some other politicians are trying to turn it into a scandal. The opposition leader spent too much money on travel, mainly on Crown cars. But that is just another way of saying he was doing his job. Over the past months, Bridges did what we would expect new opposition leaders to do. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
17 August, 2018

Suffering from the Dagg Effect?

Travelling to New Zealand will be a tremendous shock to the system, a couple of my peers tried to convince me before I left home in Zurich. It was - but not for the reasons everyone told me.   The travelling was super smooth. Changing planes in one of the eastern hubs was a piece of cake and and for the first time in years, I read a book straight from beginning to end (The have and the have nots... Read more

Natanael Rother
Insights Newsletter
17 August, 2018
Ink and feather

In praise of tax as love (with apologies to William Shakespeare)

My Insights article, Low Tax Fantasy, on 27 July rebutted the claims that New Zealand was a low-tax country by global standards and that tax is love. The article struck a chord with a number of readers, one of whom said it reminded her of one of Shakespeare’s sonnets about love. With apologies to that most sage of bards, here is an unfaithful rendition of the sonnet she had in mind.Let me not to the marriage of true mindsAdmit impediments. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Insights Newsletter
16 August, 2018

Hiring refugees works for business

Mohammed Alsahani once had an upholstery business in Damascus. But when civil war broke out in Syria, he and his family were forced to flee. Read more

Guest speaker Philippe Legrain
The National Business Review
11 August, 2018

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