Media release: A big step towards smoke-free New Zealand

Media Release
2 August, 2017

The New Zealand Initiative welcomes the Government’s announcement to establish a pre-market approval system for smokeless tobacco and nicotine-delivery products.

Policy Analyst Jenesa Jeram says it is a welcome development to the public conversation on tobacco control.

“While legalising e-cigarettes was an important first step, it was clear from the start that legislation would struggle to keep pace with technological change. These new smokeless tobacco and nicotine-delivery products have the potential to be even more effective or attractive to smokers wanting to quit.”

“As recent reports around synthetic cannabis have overwhelmingly shown, prohibition does not work. If people want to access nicotine, they will find a way to get that access. The government’s announcement today proves its understanding that punitive measures can create more harm than good.”

“When it comes to reducing the harm of smoking, nicotine is not the problem. Combustion is what makes smoking cigarettes so dangerous.  If people can satisfy their nicotine cravings with less damaging products, this is surely a win for consumers and a win for public health.”

The New Zealand Initiative’s submission on e-cigarettes in 2016 recognised that technologies would develop faster than regulations could keep pace. It recommended a fairly permissive regime, where any regulations should be proportionate to the harm caused, and balanced with the potential benefits gained.

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