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#Podcast 7: David Law discusses short-time work schemes

The Government’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic is expected to lead to a deep recession. Many companies are faced with laying off employees. While the Government has announced plans to assist people without jobs and companies in distress, our research fellow David Law says other plans maybe more helpful. He discusses the details with our chief editor Nathan Smith in this week's podcast. Read more

27 March, 2020
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Podcast #6: Policy analyst Joel Hernandez unveils the real success of three Kiwi secondary schools

Welcome to this week’s New Zealand Initiative podcast with chief editor Nathan Smith. Policy analyst Joel Hernandez joins the stream to discuss the latest developments with his school performance tool. Joel has spent the last two years building a reliable model to assess how New Zealand’s 500 secondary schools are truly faring.The tool uses data drawn from Statistics New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure (or IDI) to separate the contribution of each student’s socioeconomic background from the contribution of the school.He... Read more

Nathan Smith
11 March, 2020
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Podcast #4: Oliver Hartwich talks about his background policy passions

In this week’s New Zealand Initiative podcast with host and chief editor Nathan Smith, executive director Oliver Hartwich teases out his impressive history of policy work, why he chose to come to New Zealand and also unpacks why some of his most passionate policy points could help boost this country in a better direction. Read more

Nathan Smith
28 February, 2020

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