Have your say: What is good public policy in New Zealand?

7 September, 2018

Once Natanael Rother, our visiting Research Fellow from think-tank Avenir Suisse, returns home to Switzerland, he will be writing a short publication about his time in New Zealand and what he thinks Switzerland can learn from us.

His goal is to find as many examples as possible of good policy that has been implemented in New Zealand. Some of the things Natanael likes, from an economist point of view, is the basic direction of our agriculture policy, and social investment.

So, he has asked us to reach out to you – the people who follow the work of the Initiative – and ask what public policies (past or current) you like, and why.

Let’s use the knowledge of the crowd to find more food for thought. If you’d like to have your say, click on the link below and get typing. What’s great about this concept of crowd research is; it’s anonymous and you can see what everyone else has written, if you are interested.


Natanael will review the responses and use them to enrich his own research and findings. We’ll keep you updated on how the publication is going, and share it when it is published.


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