Media release: The New Zealand Initiative welcomes Phil Twyford’s approach to Auckland’s growth

Media release
6 November, 2017

Wellington (6 November 2017): Since becoming the Housing and Transport Minister, Mr Twyford has underlined his intention to simplify planning rules, abolish the rural urban boundary, let Auckland grow up and out, and move towards road pricing.

Commenting on Phil Twyford’s statements, the Initiative’s Executive Director Dr Oliver Hartwich said: “The appointment of Phil Twyford as Housing and Transport Minister in the Labour-led government is a breath of fresh air. It is great that these two portfolios are held by the same person because we cannot solve the housing crisis without addressing transport – and we cannot solve our transport problems without fixing the housing market.”

“Phil Twyford is absolutely right that planning rules need to change. National talked about it for years and did little. We look forward to seeing more action from the new Minister.”

“Auckland needs to embrace its growth potential or it will choke under its own success. Minister Twyford has correctly understood these alternatives and is gearing all his policies towards making growth happen. At the Initiative, we have long argued that Auckland needs to grow both up and out and that we need more intelligent ways of financing infrastructure. We wish Minister Twyford well for delivering both.”

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