Media Release: New research project shows what is really happening with cannabis legalisation in the US

Wellington, 25 June 2020 - The US experience with cannabis legalisation is as diverse as its many models – each state runs things differently, according to a new research project by the New Zealand Initiative. The Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill referendum is booked for 19 September, and all sides of the cannabis debate will want to pick examples that best fit their position. The New Zealand Initiative has produced a primer on the US experience, highlighting the policies and... Read more

Media Release
25 June, 2020

Media Release: New report suggests NZ’s ‘rainy day fund’ could help solve economic pain of Covid-19

Wellington, 19 June 2020 - To plug the fiscal gap created by Covid-19, the Government must rethink its retirement income policies, according to a new report by The New Zealand Initiative. So far, the Government’s primary responses to the challenges of Covid-19 appear to have focused on spending more money to help New Zealand’s lagging economy. Alarmingly, this means public debt is expected to skyrocket from 19% of GDP in 2019 to nearly 54% by 2024. Read more

Media Release
19 June, 2020

Media Release: Blocking MFAT advice on new Forestry Bill ‘concerning,’ says NZ Initiative

Wellington, 16 June 2020 - The Government’s refusal to let its skilled public servants advise a Select Committee about new legislation is “deeply concerning,” said The New Zealand Initiative. Today, the Environment Select Committee published its final report on Minister Shane Jones' Forests (Regulation of Log Traders and Forestry Advisers) Bill. Despite the Bill’s many flaws – and an unprecedented chorus of disapproval – it has emerged from the Select Committee largely unsubdued. Read more

Media Release
16 June, 2020

Media release: New Zealand on dangerous path to higher public debt and unprecedented money printing, new report warns

Wellington, 12 June 2020 - New Zealand is now on a dangerous path to higher public debt and unprecedented money printing with no credible plan for unwinding the situation before the next crisis, warns a new report by The New Zealand Initiative. Covid-19 and the various types of lockdown responses have caused many governments to go even more heavily into debt and print money to sustain asset prices with borrowed money. Read more

Media release
12 June, 2020

Six Nations down under? How NZ could better use Covid-free status

Making the most of our Covid-free status could open the way for New Zealand to host sports events such as the Six Nations rugby tournament.The Government could let in more athletes, film crews, and university students under a well-managed re-opening of our borders.Roger Partridge explains to Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB why there are many opportunities if we put in place proper quarantine systems. Read more

Roger Partridge
Mike Hosking Breakfast - Newstalk ZB
8 June, 2020

NZ’s multibillion-dollar international education sector at risk

One of the ideas to boost the economy in a post-Covid world is to reopen the borders for international students. Eric Crampton tells Ryan Bridge on The AM Show that New Zealand’s relatively safe status gives the tertiary sector a real opportunity to become a more desirable destination for international students. He warns that the window is closing fast and that the government must act quickly to meet the July semester deadline. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The AM Show
27 May, 2020

Media Release: Kiwis should be concerned if lockdown broke the law, NZ Initiative report shows

Wellington, 21 May 2020 - Even in emergencies, democratic governments must comply with the law, according to a new report The rule of law or the law of rulers by the New Zealand Initiative. As legal challenges emerge to question the lawfulness of the Government’s restrictions, courts will decide whether the lockdown was illegal. New Zealand Initiative chairman Roger Partridge said it is crucial for the sanctity of the country’s institutions that New Zealand is governed according to the rule... Read more

Media Release
21 May, 2020

Media Release: ‘Farcical’ OIA change won’t help Kiwi companies, says NZ Initiative

Wellington, 14 May 2020 - The Government’s proposed changes to the Overseas Investment Act will only make it harder for struggling Kiwi businesses to recover after Covid-19 lockdowns, said The New Zealand Initiative. Yesterday, associate finance minister David Parker announced the introduction of a “national interest test” for New Zealand’s strategic assets should they go on the market. The test is “fast-tracking” part of the Overseas Investment Act’s Phase 2 reform agreed upon by Cabinet last year. Read more

Media Release
14 May, 2020

Media Release: Government grabs the wheel for post-Covid recovery

Wellington, 14 May 2020 - Budget 2020 puts the Government firmly in the driver’s seat to get New Zealand through the Covid-19 financial crisis, but it will need more than good intentions to succeed, according to The New Zealand Initiative. The Coalition Government announced the largest spending package in the country’s history, adding $50 billion to the already announced $12.1 billion Covid-19 recovery fund for an enormous total of $62.1 billion, with much of that funding held in reserve in... Read more

Media Release
14 May, 2020

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