Fisheries Project

It’s not uncommon to hear seasoned fishers saying that the size and quantity of the fish they’re catching these days is dramatically less than what they were catching 20, 30 or 40 years ago. What’s more common are the fishers returning home with tales of fish that had to be thrown back because they were too small, or how few bites they got.

Clearly there are problems with recreational fishing. Our research will be focusing on solutions that:

  • Improve fishstock abundance
  • Improve Future sustainability
  • Uphold the rights that Māori have under the settlement of Treaty claims as they relate to customary food gathering and ownership of commercial quota
  • Uphold the rights of non-Māori quota owners

Over the course of the Project, Randall will be engaging with a wide range of fisheries experts, recreational fishing representatives Iwi leaders and government officials.


Fisheries Consultation

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