Media Release: The New Zealand Initiative welcomes changes to EQC Act

Changes announced by the Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission, Gerry Brownlee, will help ensure a better recovery from future earthquakes.Minister Brownlee this week announced changes to the EQC Act that would make private insurers the first port of call for homeowners making claims after a disaster.The Initiative’s Chief Economist Dr Eric Crampton says, “Too many homeowners, after the Christchurch earthquakes, struggled with a process they found to be fundamentally unfair. Read more

Media Release
27 June, 2017
Manifesto cover

Media Release: OECD recommendations mirror The New Zealand Initiative’s Policy Manifesto

Wellington (15 June 2017): The OECD’s 2017 report on New Zealand endorses The New Zealand Initiative’s policy recommendations for New Zealand.The report, released today, stresses the importance of improving numeracy in our country’s schools; of reducing net public debt; of opening the country to foreign investment; of encouraging better local council decision-making by letting them share in the proceeds of economic growth; of bringing forward changes and, of better financing infrastructure.The OECD also points out the importance of immigration in improving New... Read more

Media Release
15 June, 2017

Fran O'Sullivan talks about business delegation to Switzerland

Fran O'Sullivan, Managing Director of NZ INC and NZME's Editorial Director - Business, talks to Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB about the Initiative's recent business delegation to Switzerland, and what they learnt about their approach to localism, business and education.  Read more

Fran O'Sullivan
Newstalk ZB
7 June, 2017

Stolz und direkte Demokratie

Dr Oliver Hartwich and Simon Power are interviewed by the Swiss Weltwoche Magazine during The New Zealand Initiative's mission to Switzerland. Read more

Weltwoche Magazin
1 June, 2017
Australia brick

Media release: New Zealanders inspired by Western Australian fisheries

Wellington (31 May 2017): Western Australia shows what is possible when competing fishing sectors collaborate in fisheries management, say delegates from across New Zealand’s fishing sectors.The New Zealand Initiative and the US-based Environmental Defense Fund last week led a group of New Zealanders involved in the recreational, commercial and customary fishing sectors to learn from Western Australia’s example.Dr Randall Bess, from The New Zealand Initiative, says “New Zealand’s fisheries management has been increasingly contentious. Read more

Dr Randall Bess
31 May, 2017
Randall dicusses Overseas Catch

Dr Randall Bess on The Overseas Catch and fisher exchange

The Overseas Catch: The state of recreational fisheries management abroad author, Dr Randall Bess, discusses his overseas research trip. He travelled to the Gulf of Mexico, northern California, British Columbia and Western Australia to learn more about how these locations manage their recreational fisheries - what worked well, what didn't and what can New Zealand learn? Read more

Dr Randall Bess
21 April, 2017
The Overseas Catch cover

Rec fishing abroad - Newstalk ZB

The latest report in our fisheries project, The Overseas Catch: The state of recreational fisheries management abroad, was released today. Report author, Dr Randall Bess, discussed how recreational fisheries are manged in the four locations he visited (British Columbia, the Gulf of Mexico, northern California and Western Australia) on Newstalk ZB. Read more

Dr Randall Bess
Newstalk ZB
19 April, 2017

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