Dr Bryce Wilkinson talks tax cuts

The Prime Minister and Finance Minister are keeping tax cuts on the agenda, despite not knowing the cost of last week's earthquakes. Economist Bryce Wilkinson from the New Zealand Initiative says tax cuts must be able to be fund. The Salvation Army researcher Alan Johnson says we need to look at other deficits first. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Radio New Zealand
22 November, 2016

Media Release: NZ Initiative applauds Human Rights Commission Report

Wellington (7 November 2016): The New Zealand Initiative welcomes and supports The Human Rights Commission’s call for greater protection for citizen’s property rights in New Zealand” said executive director, Dr Oliver Hartwich. The Initiative’s Head of Research, Dr Eric Crampton, adds, “The NZHRC’s reminder that property rights are human rights could not have a better exemplar than the Christchurch Red Zone. The stories the Commission has gathered are compelling. Read more

7 November, 2016

Media release: Changes must be made to address soaring student debt

Wellington (28 September 2016): The way we financially support students through tertiary education must be changed, says public policy think tank The New Zealand Initiative, following the announcement that the amount owed in default payments by overseas borrowers now exceeds the $1 billion mark.Having zero interest on domestic-based loans was a way of discouraging borrowers from moving abroad, but as we surpass this milestone it can hardly be called a success.The Dominion Post article (27 September 2016) quotes Labour MP Chris Hipkins saying... Read more

28 September, 2016

Media release: Doing well while doing good: compensating live organ donors will save lives and money

Wellington (21 September 2016): The New Zealand Initiative has offered its enthusiastic support for Chris Bishop’s member’s bill that will improve the compensation provided to live organ donors. The Initiative’s Head of Research, Dr Eric Crampton, said, “Every live kidney transplant saves the government over $120,000 compared to leaving someone on dialysis. But the current system makes these donors face substantial out-of-pocket costs for time spent in recuperation.” “These costs especially hit lower income families, who are both more likely to need transplants... Read more

21 September, 2016
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Dr Randall Bess on TV3's Story discussing new report What's the Catch?

Research Fellow Dr Randall Bess discusses his new report What's the Catch? on TV3's 'Story' (13 September). The first in a series of three reports, What's the Catch? presents an overview of all fisheries management systems in NZ as they have developed.It sets out the overall situation, focusing on recreational fisheries, their existing management challenges and solutions currently being debated. Read more

TV3 Story
13 September, 2016

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