Randall dicusses Overseas Catch

Dr Randall Bess on The Overseas Catch and fisher exchange

The Overseas Catch: The state of recreational fisheries management abroad author, Dr Randall Bess, discusses his overseas research trip. He travelled to the Gulf of Mexico, northern California, British Columbia and Western Australia to learn more about how these locations manage their recreational fisheries - what worked well, what didn't and what can New Zealand learn? Read more

Dr Randall Bess
21 April, 2017
The Overseas Catch cover

Rec fishing abroad - Newstalk ZB

The latest report in our fisheries project, The Overseas Catch: The state of recreational fisheries management abroad, was released today. Report author, Dr Randall Bess, discussed how recreational fisheries are manged in the four locations he visited (British Columbia, the Gulf of Mexico, northern California and Western Australia) on Newstalk ZB. Read more

Dr Randall Bess
Newstalk ZB
19 April, 2017
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Media Release: NZ Initiative welcomes immigration reforms

The New Zealand Initiative has welcomed the Government’s changes to immigration policy, which were announced today, calling them a pragmatic way of ensuring businesses get access to the international skills and talent they need to compete.Under the changes, Government will for the first time allow the wages offered to overseas workers applying for permanent skilled and unskilled visas to count towards their immigration points total.“One of the challenges for the immigration system is telling two applicants apart. Read more

Media Release
19 April, 2017

Media Release: The New Zealand Initiative delivers policy manifesto to inform election debate

Wellington (3 April 2017): Election years should be times in which the country debates policies and decides on its future. But to make this happen, voters need to be informed about the challenges New Zealand faces – and the choices we have.To inform the election, The New Zealand Initiative has produced Manifesto 2017: What the next New Zealand government should do.From education to better regulation, from housing to local government and from foreign direct investment to welfare, Manifesto 2017 is tackling the big social and... Read more

Media Release
3 April, 2017
Building house

Media Release: NZ Initiative praises Prod Comm's planning report

Wellington (29 March 2017): The Productivity Commission’s latest report underscores the importance of a fit-for-purpose planning system, and just how far the current arrangements are from this ideal state, says The New Zealand Initiative.The Better Urban Planning report details how the current planning framework, principally the Resource Management Act 1991, has failed to achieve the economic flexibility and environmental protections it set out to achieve. Instead the commission is proposing a substantial overhaul of the planning system.“After 26 years the costs of... Read more

Media Release
29 March, 2017
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How will New Zealand fare post-Brexit?

Former UK Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, Rt Hon Peter Lilley, joined Duncan Garner on The AM Show to talk about the emerging opportunities for New Zealand once the UK exits the European Union. Read more

Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP
The AM Show
22 March, 2017

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