Rec fishing

Recreational fishers should have a proportional share of the catch

To say the new Minister of Fisheries, Stuart Nash, inherited some fisheries management problems is an understatement. The Ministry for Primary Industries and its predecessors have failed to grapple with the misreporting of commercial catch, discarding of unwanted bycatch and the high grading of targeted catch.They have also failed to mitigate the tensions and conflicts arising from the way a fishery's total allowable catch is allocated between competing fishing sectors.These problems can be considered "wicked", or difficult, if not near... Read more

Dr Randall Bess
New Zealand Herald
18 January, 2018

Media release: First they came for Irn Bru

Wellington (16 January 2018): The New Zealand Initiative is concerned that sugar tax advocates are misleading the public by pretending to punish manufacturers rather than consumers. Responding to renewed calls for a sugar tax, policy analyst Jenesa Jeram says there are still no grounds for introducing such a tax in New Zealand. Jeram says that trying to regulate the sugar content of sugary drinks, as University of Waikato researcher Dr Lynne Chepulis recommends, is likely to have unintended consequences. Read more

Media release
16 January, 2018

Media release: Taxpayers’ Union misses the bigger transport picture

Wellington (16 January 2018): The New Zealand Initiative's Sam Warburton says that Jordan Williams of the Taxpayers’ Union has overlooked bigger problems in transport funding in his claim that the National Land Transport Fund be limited only to roads.  “Apart from the contribution public transport can make to alleviating congestion, what Mr Williams’ argument misses is that much National Land Transport Fund expenditure is matched almost dollar-for-dollar by ratepayers,” said Warburton. Read more

Media release
16 January, 2018

"Stil no grounds for introducing sugar tax in New Zealand"

The call for a sugar tax has been strengthened by a new study of New Zealand's soft drinks which shows they contain more sugar than in other countries. Responding to renewed calls for a sugar tax, Jenesa Jeram discusses on Newstalk ZB there are still no grounds for introducing such a tax in New Zealand. Read more

Jenesa Jeram
Larry Williams Drive - Newstalk ZB
16 January, 2018

The Future Catch report launch

On Monday 4 December we launched our third report on how we can improve the recreational fishing experience.The panel discussion included Dr Randall Bess (author of the report), Hon. Stuart Nash (Minister of Fisheries), Sir Mark Solomon (Deputy Chair of Te Ohu Kaimoana), and Bob Gutsell (Vice President of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council).You can read more about our findings here: Read more

Dr Randall Bess
The New Zealand Initiative
12 January, 2018

A blueprint for opposition politics

Watching the first weeks of the new Parliament, it is difficult not to get confused. On the one hand, we see a government that stumbles its way through the parliamentary machinery. On the other hand, there is an opposition whose combined executive experience makes the government’s job a nightmare. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The National Business Review
22 December, 2017

Hosting America's Cup 'barely worth it'

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) admitted errors in its report on the economic benefits of hosting the America's Cup in Auckland. Its initial cost-to-benefit ratio estimate was between 1.8 and 1.2, meaning benefits would outweigh cost by between 80 and 20 percent. However, it revised this to a high of 1.14 and a low of 0.997. Sam Warburton, who reviewed MBIE's numbers, tells Larry Williams why “hosting the Cup in Auckland would be barely worth it." Read more

Larry Williams Drive - Newstalk ZB
22 December, 2017

Media release: Hosting America's Cup barely worth it, new figures show

Wellington (21 December 2017): The New Zealand Initiative welcomes today’s correction by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to its previous estimates of the economic benefits of hosting the America’s Cup. On 22 November 2017, MBIE released the results of its cost-benefit analysis. At the time, it concluded that the degree to which benefits exceed costs stood at between 1.2 and 1.8 (depending on a host of factors). These optimistic figures were widely reported in media. Read more

21 December, 2017
data electronics

Leave streaming content out of censorship regime

The season for gathering the family around the television for uplifting Christmas movies is rapidly approaching. But be a little careful out there. The government’s proposed digital convergence legislation remains on hold, and so things are a little messy.Suppose that you, like me, wanted to re-watch the greatest Christmas movie ever made, Die Hard. In that late ‘80s action thriller, Bruce Willis’s John McClane faces down what appears to be a Christmastime terrorist threat from German anarchists, but is really... Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The National Business Review
17 December, 2017

Thank you and Happy Holidays

As the days are becoming longer, the sun is getting stronger and this summer’s first water restrictions are kicking in, Christmas cannot be far away. And since this is the final edition of Insights for the year, I want to thank you, our readers, for coming along this year’s journey with us. At the Initiative, we worked hard for a better New Zealand for all New Zealanders. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
15 December, 2017
Bryce 1 News

Bryce Wilkinson on 1 News

The coalition Government says about 384,000 families will be better off by $75 a week under its families package.It's estimated 88,000 children's lives will be turned around by the flagship policy which will cost $5.5 billion over the next five years. Bryce Wilkinson talks to 1 News about this announcement. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
1 News
14 December, 2017
Stuart Nash

National's pretty kettle of fish

Some opposition MPs take to their new roles swimmingly. It is hard to imagine that these politicians ever did anything else but criticise others for not solving problems. Which would be fine if those very problems had not been presided over by their own party for nine years. The prime example is Gerry Brownlee. The former foreign minister is now spokesperson for, among other things, fisheries. Read more

Dr Randall Bess
Insights Newsletter
8 December, 2017
Child reading

What lessons from our dismal and dropping reading results?

The 2016 PIRLS results announced this week are bad.PIRLS (the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) compares the reading ability of Year 5 students.  Ours ranked 33rd among the 50 participating countries. More worrying still, their scores were significantly worse than the last time the test was administered, in 2011.  So far the decline has been blamed on smartphones, and the previous government’s fixation with National Standards. Read more

Briar Lipson
Insights Newsletter
8 December, 2017

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